Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 projects re-cap part 1

2010 projects were plentiful in fact so much so I seem to be out of projects and or money right now , and frankly I need some time off , and winter is no time to get into too much woodwork , so I thought I would recap what I was able to accomplish this past year I got back to June and I am going to stop here for part 1 , come along for the ride and see what a woman on a mission can do. I built an outside table for our deck out of my former island wood top and my friends old table legs , right now it is in pieces in the basement , which reminds me , we really need a big shed for the backyard to store this kind of thing.
this year there were many of these the lamp slipcover, actually I have since added the proper trim to this particular one.

the arbor we finally added which is beautiful all year round.

another lamp slipcover

faux shutters

the photo shoot for Woman's Day magazine , coming out in March...

garden path, I twisted my husbands arm to in-lay these patio stones we have had for years

kijiji matching mirror makeover which I sold , boo hoo

pedestal sink skirt

our poured concrete pathway, can't wait to add more to that in the spring

making Mason's top bunk into a daybed for Sophie

and cakes for birthday's and wedding celebrations

oh and we can't forget the handmade owl's

adding flair to a plain wardrobe with stencil pencils and an artist brush

more cakes...

a successful client project or two , this was a big entry makeover , I added the v-groove , hooks and a built in bench and all new door way trim

my lamp out of a jug project

adding trim out of left overs to the powder room wall.

painting all the doors black.

another client project a custom bench I built just to the right size.

a big cabinet update , black is back ...

we got through a big surgery to solve sleep apnea , she now sleeps like a baby again

replacing and updating faucets finally happened thanks to Kijiji great deals , this faucet for $60.00 new value $269.00
made lots of new pillows

chandelier makeover

one of my fave's the half wall in the entry

cute Christmas wreath

custom bench for a client , I love this bench and that great cushion

floor refinished

cute new stocking smocking

shell ornaments

Mason's whole room makeover
pom pom poofs.

Christmas gifts , I bought the components on Etsy and made custom bracelets for my nieces for Christmas

I also made this necklace for my nephew Andrew , IGTG are the initials of his band.

and the last project of the year would be the yule log cake Sophie and I made.
Wow I am tired and we are only half way through , I am taking a break with the projects right now , there isn't so much to do right now obviously, more to come when I recap Jan through June.


the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh! so many fabulous transformations! and how did i not know about that popcorn cake? popcorn is my boyfriend's favorite food. he could (and sometimes does) eat it for dinner!

Rambling Renovators said...

You are one busy woman! A year full of wonderful and inspirational projects, Chris. I hope 2011 brings you a bit more relaxation time though :)

High Street Cottage said...

Hi Chris, what beautiful projects, can't wait to see the article in March! Just love all that you've done. I also enjoy the pretty colors, you've chose throughout your home, so calming. xoxo tami

Jenny said...

You have had a busy year. It all looks wonderful - you are so talented! ;-)

Connie & Marie said...

so talented! and great decorating taste! your projects are amazing!



Cottage Gal said...

Awesome projects! Very inspiring. I know you say you need a break, but have a feeling more projects are around the corner!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Everything you have done is just perfection! So pretty. Question? and you may have said and I didnt notice. Your outside wood table. . . I Love IT!! But do you are waterproof paint on it? or do you store it? I would love a wood table under our pergola but I just wasnt sure how to pull that off?

Shambora Studios said...

Love, love, love your talents! So creative! Keep up the great work in 2011! I can't wait to see your upcoming projects...

countrycottagegirl said...

Your home is lovely! I love your lampshades, I really want to try some of my own! Thanks for sharing your inspiring projects!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

So many wonderful projects, Chris. You are certainly full of energy and very deserving of a nice break. So hard to choose a favourite.

Dolly said...

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