Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 projects re-cap part 2

I guess I will just dive right into the start of 2010 projects , one of the very first things I did was make these simple slips for my dining chairs , I really just pinned them in place and hemmed and added ruffles and stamped on our birthdays

this is just a photo I love leading into our kitchen

I also did quite a makeover on our island by adding v-groove and new brackets and a solid butcher block top also I turned the island around which has been a great change

I re did this adorable cabinet for a local client after purchasing it on kijiji , they use it under their wall mounted tv for storage and components , it looks so right , I love this piece

I helped my friend design and construct her kitchen island , it lead to a bunch of other projects which has completely transformed her entire great room , she after this built a storage unit/bar for her kitchen and built in window benches flanking her fireplace , so proud of her work

I got this lovely cabinet for my birthday last year , another kijiji project , I of course painted it blue, it is a great addition to the dining room

I finally added wood to this strange little spot leading down the stairs which at least makes it more durable

For the second time I re-upholstered this adorable craigslist chair

I cut out the center of one cabinet door and added chicken wire and added beadboard to the back of the cabinet and painted it blue for a little open display

upgrading the posts was always something I was planning on doing , so glad I did that , very little effort but a lot of style

I prettied up the chimney area with shakes and stained the to match the house , love this , I guess my neighbours really benefit from this improvement because I sure can't see it from inside this time of year

I got around to deciding on the trim for the bath , so glad I went with beadboard wainscoting it really added the right amount of charm

new lighter draped went up this year

more shakes added to the guest house / tiny playhouse
and that concludes part 2 of the recap , I clearly got a lot of projects completed around the house , things I am toying with for this year would be the basement which remains unfinished for the most part, we NEED to new sofa that is slipcovered and has a good sleeper mattress going for good quality for this purchase, wood floors for the master bedroom and some more work on the backyard and side yard path , that is where I am at right now , planning , thinking and dreaming , I am sure you are too .

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