Monday, January 31, 2011

Toronto Interior Design Show 2011

I enjoy attending the Interior Design show in Toronto and sometimes I even enjoy this with my family , I made it clear that they were going to enjoy it with me this year as well , my husband was game but my dear daughters wanted to just stay home .....well no I don't think so, I can imagine many dreadful calls from home interrupting my fun at the show , so after laying down the law the girls were so thrilled to join us.
See the happiness...

My fun girls , seriously they are crazy and fun , and we did enjoy our time there or at least the first hour was fun , then I had the barrage of are we going ?, can we leave ? started, what fun .....I always love to see how much Mason loves the ultra modern design , and what was up with all the fire it was simply hot in there ?

It is always fun to walk through the mock up rooms , this one was so magical , notice the ceiling full of paper cranes , what poor soul's had to install all of those...?

Of course the Sarah Richardson rooms were inspiring, done with her brother ....

I think I have found the perfect colour for my dining room which happens to be a Sarah Richardson colour called Lichen , I think its perfect.

Up Country had a very appealing booth , I loved this dining table and benches .

The girls thought I should buy this painting of the blue chair .....I loved it for sure.

But I was drooling over these tiles , so gorgeous don't you think so too.

I hope I could share with you a few fresh photos of this years IDS I know there are many blogs sharing their photos too , it as always was a great and inspiring show, cheers!
*I had to edit this because I just weighed in and I have lost 10 pounds , 2 extra pounds over the weekend...
FYI on the weight loss front I have now lost 8 pounds , yeah me , things are getting loose which is so nice , off I go to workout now , again .

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