Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slipcovering a chair

I really haven't been up to too much lately , but here is what I am currently working on for a client of mine , it is a little arm chair for their little girl.
Not an easy thing to do , many hours of fiddling to make slipcovers but I am happy it is turning out well.

I have been steadily working on my new years resolution to shed many excess pounds I have gained over the last few years, some may refer to this weight as blogger butt , anyway however it got here it needs to go , I am living in my exercise wear so that when ever it hits me or at least twice a day , I will workout on my elliptical machine. So far so good I have lost 4.5lbs already, which normally takes forever but thanks to my new iPhone app "my fitness pal" I am keeping very accountable, I can keep track and it is really helping me . One good thing is that I have a whole closet with a full array of sizes of things I love that I will be so thrilled to fit into again .

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