Thursday, January 6, 2011

Applied wainscoting

One of the first projects I tackled in the house was this applied wainscoting , this is an easy project for the beginner , I like a thicker moulding so I used what some use as chair rail in fact it is chair rail moulding as the applied rectangles and I broke all the rules by using a medium sized casing turned upside down as the chair rail ...I am such a rule breaker, it also saved me a bundle of money.

All you have to do to get started is get out your level and pencil and start mapping out the trim placement , I chose to do equal portioned rectangles, odd numbers work better, I went with three rectangles on my 14 foot wall here, you then use these lines to measure your applied trim pieces .Then you can use nails and an adhesive to apply the trim to the wall , I did this before I had a nailgun , now that I have one I would suggest you get one right away if you are planning to do more than one trim project in your home , get a small brad nail gun and compressor those big nailers are better suited to framing, you can thank me later , because unless you have three hands you will want the brad nailer for sure , or better yet a pinner , which leaves smaller micro holes.

In case you are wondering the height of this wainscoting is 36" but if you have higher pieces of furniture in the room like a sideboard you may want to go higher I did trim at 40 inches in my dining room and it works very well in there , so go ahead and make your own rules.

I have had two of these chairs of my mother in laws for way too long , I had put these on the back burner for some time and recently brought them out to work on them again, they will look so sweet when done but turns out there was a reason why I put the on the back burner its because they are murder to paint , and since they are not for me I am being really particular, for me I would antique them and maybe do a glaze on the frame, but I really need a sprayer , so they must wait until our weather warms in the spring ...back to the back burner then.

OMG our 30 pound dog must think he weighs a lot less because he lays on our legs like this a lot our poor knees , he is such a cuddly teddy bear , always with the snuggles , he doesn't like other dogs with the exception of our other dog but he sure loves people , here he is watching TV he really watches TV but he LOVES watching animals on TV the most of all , funniest home videos is always a full family favorite.
He watches in the mirror over the sofa and in the tv, he must think we have two tv's in this room .

silly puppy! of course you must notice my husband in shorts in the middle of winter , I am in sweats and sweater and under a blanket , I know most of you understand.....its just a man thing.

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