Sunday, January 23, 2011

Organizing feels so good

A fresh start and a fresh coat of paint always starts things off a new, but an organized streamlined space brings so much peace to me.
I finished putting in the tower of shelves and added two drawers , so handy for mitts, hats and scarves , some baskets to hide things and some wire baskets too along with a little folding stool to reach things. To the left of the tower I opted for a row a sturdy hooks to hang longer less used coats .

I wouldn't dare show you how badly this closet functioned before , along with a door full of mismatched hooks and way too many of them , the door hooks are so necessary but now streamlined to 4 hooks , one for keys one for dog leash and two for the girls book bags.

Before ; I tried the wire shelving , now I hate wire shelving , never again , I plan to make custom organizers for the master closet this year at some point too , well maybe , check in for more details.
Coming soon , a wall of applied wainscotting in the front living room to about 7 feet high, finally we have come up with the perfect design , just need to wait for the weather to improve , today it is -32 c with the that's cold maybe that is -10 f , looks like this may even have to wait till spring.

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