Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I know I haven't been around much lately , truth be told I have nothing much to share , however I did decide to do something about or front hall closet , as you can see I tried to make the most of it a few years ago with this wire organizer , yuck , it sucks , so I ripped that out yesterday yeah that was fun...
Here was my clean slate , I have put in a narrow storage tower so far and added a couple of drawers and two runs of hanging is a work in progress , I need to paint and add some more hanging .
Good news on my get fit journey , I have lost 6 pounds so far , this is a big deal for me , I have had trouble in the past losing , after eating right and working out it was difficult to not see changes in the scale which has lead to giving up at times , however there is no giving up this time there is no option to fail this time 40 is just two years away for me and that is a huge motivator for me , I must look good at 40 .... this time I am using a weight loss aid , Slim quick which I have used in the past and which I had great success with , and so far so good , I am using the Slim quick drinks , which aid in appetite control, added energy and the best part is that it makes me drink more water which I am really bad at , this along with my fitness pal app on my iPhone is proving successful for me .....good old fashioned calorie counting's just math ...

I am trying to keep this image in mind , because 6 pounds is no small feat , now how to fast forward through the next 31 pounds I need to lose and all the hard work and balancing that will entail.... but I know it is worth it , I can see my prize.

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