Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds

I have a new little purchase , this very pretty table is just waiting for a paint makeover I have a new project for the weekend. Check out the dining set makeover I have found for you , doesn't it make you look differently at old sets like this , if the shape is good and the finish is dated = paint it !
I wanted to share with you some very special projects , perhaps they will inspire you . I saw this table set before its transformation a few days ago at and knew that it was the perfect candidate for a fresh white makeover , wow is it ever , beautiful transformation , don't you agree .

While checking my most favorite blogs this morning I found some real gems , like this burlap wall , looks more like canvas or painters cloth , whatever it is it is gorgeous , to learn more about it make sure to check out .

What a great idea , and so well done.
Happy weekend , I hope you have some sunshine your way , we have had enough rain , please send some our way soon .


Olive Rue said...

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. So sweet of you to feature my table and chairs makeover. When you are on a budget like me you are forced to look at old things in a new light.

Great minds think alike because I bought that EXACT round coffee table and ends tables several weeks ago. I painted them white and of course, distressed them. I will have to send you a picture. OMG. This is too funny.

That burlap wall looks great, but what an undertaking. WHEW! The chairs were hard enough.

Shawna said...

Can't wait to see that little table's got great potential!

Love Love Love that white table & the wall coverings! Thanks for the inspiration!

Happy Friday - hopefully it's hot in Ontario - we're at 27 here today and almost up to 30 this weekend - Wahooo! Bring on the Summer!

kottagekara said...

Chris, thank you for featuring my "burlap". I feel like I have hit the big time to be on your blog!

Lisa said...



Jo said...

I've been wanting to paint an old oak table and turn it into a coffee table for our cottage... the only problem is the table is missing it's legs. Can you recommend something? I've been searching yard sales and estate sales for a possible base but haven't had any luck.


nameisgrace said...

So nice to see so many people love burlap!!!! Please check out my shop when you have time... I sell a ton of it!! . And ps. I've donated a ton to Cora's playground. So nice to see her link on your site. Have a wonderful weekend!


Different Dog said...

Chris, do you have any suggestions for repairing a little damaged spot on the caning of one of those chairs? I have a friend who has that set and she hates it and wants to paint it but is concerned about a tear in the back of one chair. What do you think?

Online Printing Company said...

Those are very creative. I like the burlap the most. It reminds me of plain M and M's. LOL.