Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wicker Dining Chairs

wicker chairs
wicker chairs by chriskauf on

Someone asked me where to find the black wicker chairs in my header , well that is easy enough right ? NO
I could not find those chairs for the life of me , in the 20 minutes I gave it , so if you know where they can be found , and not the plastic ones please let me know .
If you click on the links under the photo it will bring you to my polyvore and then you can see where you can find these chairs. The bottom right one is the best deal from Ikea for $75.00 and a can of spray paint voila , you have got the look for less.

For those of you that I am working with on design plans I am working hard and will be in touch with you soon , it is so nice to be busy doing what I love .
Cheers ,

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