Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Beachy

I really think I should have a second home, a cottage on a beach of course, this is exactly how it would look , fresh and happy and light hearted , full of charm and whimsy too.
I am a huge fan of chalkboards , not just for kitchens as they can be a wonderful addition to many rooms, a place to express yourself and to leave messages like Happy Birthday or I Love You or how about just being an outlet for your budding artist.
The painted floors well how could you not love those?
This kitchen screams holiday to me , I am crazy in love with those pendants and blue appliances , no need to shy away from real color.

How could you not be happy waking up to this bathroom , the shower tile is such a wonderful choice. Notice the line up of sea shells balancing on top of the shower stall , charming .
This is a perfect bedroom , bead board every where , painted blue floors , and even a salvaged door for a headboard , this is my kind perfection.

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