Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarah Richardson Pillows

I have always noticed Sarah Richardson's love or pretty pillows , way back to her Room Service days , those days she made the pillows herself, she loved the seamstress details and even used buttons .
I have always longed for the design of the pillows here , she takes a stripe fabric and cuts it into triangles and constructs a clean design, and I have always wanted to try it , but it seemed as though it may be fussy or complicated , as I often am , I was wrong.

After a couple of hours of cutting , sewing , ironing and more and more sewing , I have myself two lovely pillows, mine have a flange , I like a flange.
I have tried my best to include the steps it took to create these pillow covers .

This was a most gratifying step , seeing it all come together.

I then sewed two triangles together ,repeating that again and then sewed those right sides together to get the above front of pillow , I think you know what is next , finish the pillow .

I left a half inch seam allowance.

I cut out a perfect square in this brown tissue paper then folded it into a triangle and cut on the lines to create a pattern with 4 pieces, I pinned them to two layers of this striped fabric , allowing me two pillow fronts.
So are you inspired to make some pillow covers ?, or have you ever made a pillow ?, or do you always buy pillows ?, you have pillows right?

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