Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to make an Upholstered Ottoman

There is no fooling you , does it look That homemade , gosh I hope not .

I made it , yes of course I did . It was from Kijiji $25~, a solid dovetailed mahogany table with the ugliest top in textured grey. The thing was it has no overhang , so it was the perfect table to transform into an ottoman .

I started by removing the top and bashing up the legs with a dinner knife , and a fork to get some character. Painted it , then rubbed on several layers of walnut stain .

The fabric I used is DROP CLOTHS from Lowes , I wanted to try to make drapes , but I hated how they looked , cheap and low quality , some areas of the fabric had even been written on , not my kinda drapes , but it was perfect for this piece. I made covered buttons in matching fabric and voila .

They fell instantly in love with the new piece of furniture , hopefully the scotch guard will stand up I sprayed it with two coats .

These are the tools I used , as you can see LOTS of staples .

Three layers of batting .

This foam was from the garbage of a known neighbour , she may have thought I was nuts but it has been used on the window bench , the playhouse bench and now this , that is recycling .

I pre-drilled the holes for the buttons , this must have been an office piece , that top screams office furniture.

My husband thought I had lost my mind this time.

I made markings if a random kind .

Origional finish , it was ugly but solid , at a mere $25~ I knew I could make it lovely .

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