Thursday, January 10, 2008

These are a few of my Favorite things.

You either love them or hate them, if you hate them then you have never tried them , because if you have you would surly agree uggs or are the most wonderful foot wear around.

I hate socks , don't wear them very often at all , and "uggs" make this easy to do , you can't wear socks in these boots.
I need to get another pair actually , I have loved my to near death. It's funny that these warm and soft boots hail from Australia ??? how did that happen, I am sure they rarely are in need of cozy footwear??
So enjoy the eye candy , and tell me if you agree, or what is your unusual addiction.


restyled home said...

Whoa! It is scary how alike we are!! I think we even share similar thought processes...brain waves even!! I literally just took a break from writing a post about some of MY favourite things, to visit you!! I kid you not...

Oh, and the Uggs...I love them...I have a pale pink pair and they are beyond heavenly. I try not to wear them out too often as I am afraid some teenager might laugh at me!! I thought they were out of style? Are they back in? How would I ever know...I live in New Glasgow!!!
Fashion forward I am not!!

Stephanie said...

I am in the category that loves Uggs. I need a new pair, too. Right now I am wearing my Mammoth Crocs all the time. I have them in black and pearl pink and haven't worn any other shoes in a while!
In regards to other obsessions everyone close to me knows I love No Doubt/Gwen Stefani. I have all their cd's/dvd's and have seen them in concert many times. This past summer I took my girls to their first Gwen Stefani concert. I'm kind of addicted to her purses, too!

Aimee said...

I've never tried them, but they look so warm & snuggly! I hate when my feet are cold!

divabunny said...

i ADORE my uggs! couldnt live without them! great minds think alike! =)