Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flower power

I just had to show you how my baskets and window box have come a long long way since they were planted back at the end of May.Above is how they look today , all lush and full and below oh so long ago.
And here day 1 , sad and piddly , but I had faith that time and miracle grow would work wonders .

Much nicer today than the first day I planted them wouldn't you say .

Oh late spring , such sad little babies but now full grown and lush.

We are nearly finished the front pathway , we have made it all the way to the sidewalk and over to the driveway as well , now we just need to find a free weekend to finish off the few remaining pieces to fill in the path and to create a nice generous walkway, then I will try the moss growth encourager method of applying yogurt and moss .

This has been one of the most consistently hot summer ever , it feels more like Florida here than Ontario these days.
Happy gardening.

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