Saturday, August 28, 2010

cupcakes are the cure

How adorable is my new cupcake necklace? , well it is pretty cute isn't it , you know I love cupcakes, real , faux , whatever.
Well I found these beautiful handmade glass cupcake beads on Etsy recently while looking for charms . CL Beads is the name of the shop the prices are also fabulous. We orderd them and got them a week later after Sophie checked the mail everyday for their arrival, she was so excited to get them in her little hands, see they were for her .

Every end of summer we prepare to go back to school and with Sophie having her peanut allergy she needs to wear a medic alert bracelet , which has been a challenge , so I figured we could dress it up to take away from the look of the medic alert bracelet , charms , well of course we both loved the cupcake charms, once I saw them I knew they would be perfect.

Cupcakes save the day again ...

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