Saturday, August 14, 2010

Freshly baked

I have been very busy for the last two days making flowers then yesterday baking cakes and cupcakes for a BBQ celebrating my sister in laws marriage , we couldn't go to their destination wedding but I sure could make their Canadian wedding cake.

This was me testing to see if this sweet cake would fit in the intended cupcake courier thankfully it just fit , lucky me.
I think it looks so pretty just like this in the blue with while pearl butter creme drops but my fondant is not quite flawless and thankfully she wanted the same as my birthday cake which is in the above header , with the cherry blossoms.

Here it is complete finally after about 12 hours of work , hooray !, with all the little flowers and branches applied my plans turned out because I wanted it to look even better than my cake and I think it does, I like the taller statures using three layers in each tier.

I made a bunch of cupcakes too , this one is red velvet with butter creme.

This is my favorite cupcake for certain.

These are yellow cake with butter creme, oh I love these too.

Well there you have it , I have been very busy baking away and creating delicious confections .
Enjoy one of the last weekends of summer .

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