Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wainscot Solutions

all photos in this post from Wainscot Solutions

If you have read my blog for any of the three years I have been blogging you will be well aware that I am a HUGE fan of trim , my first experience with trim was my staircase , little did I know that was the hardest thing to tackle , the angles can make it a challenge , but I did it and transformed it into a staircase with soul. I did recessed wainscoting for the stairs , dining room ,hall way and entry .

After that I installed applied wainscot , and beadboard in my bathroom and powder room too .

In fact I added v-groove panelling to my family room ceiling .

I most recently added board and baton in my bedroom , the hardest thing for me and trim is choosing a style , I did not choose one style and apply it throughout , I like too many styles , and I like variety too, variety is the spice of life .

I was recently made aware of this fabulous company called Wainscot Solutions , they make a wide variety of pre-assembled panels of trim and wainscot , all different types and styles now I have never tried pre-made panels , have you ?

Wouldn't that be a great story ??? maybe !!! I'm game.

So let me know have you tried the products from Wainscot Solutions ?, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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