Saturday, March 27, 2010

I had to show those who saw my lovely hostas from yesterdays post what that spot looks like right now , barren dry awful and dead, but in oh about 6 weeks maybe I will have a lush full green garden again .

Today is a leap of faith for me , my youngest Sophie is on her second sleepover tonight , she is my peanut allergic child , and this is hard for me , but I know I need to let her do these things and the mom sounds very capable as she has a child allergic to bees and knows how to deal with a reaction .
So anyway Mason has let me play with her eyes , she has such pretty eyes , she doesn't really wear much make-up but it was fun for me to play a little , I think she is striking and beautiful she has beautiful features , when she came out { as a baby that is } she had such lovely full lips , still does , I wish she saw how beautiful she is , growing up is so hard sometimes , and boys her age can be cruel .

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