Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A new focus

This photo expresses how I feel about this next little journey I will be on for oh the rest of my life , its an up hill battle for me , I wish I was one of those naturally thin people , do they really exist?
I don't focus too much on myself on my blog , in fact in my life I don't focus on myself , first comes family and then my passion for decorating , over the last two years I have really trucked through one project to another and made a huge difference in the house that is for sure , it is a home full of character and I am very proud of that . As a mom of two lovely growing girls I am busy all the time , keeping things running the way I think they should be.

But somehow as many of us do I have forgotten to really take care of myself , everything else has come first , so I have decided since the house is almost finished and I have no money to complete the two biggies left , the basement and backyard , that is is time to take care of me , to makeover me , to get fit and healthy , to really put in the work that is needed . I sure wish I was one of those tall women who could eat anything and never gain an ounce , I am in awe of those mystical creatures , turns out I need to work at it , much to my dismay ..... who really likes to workout and watch what they eat .... well hopefully I will again .

There is no better motivtion that impending spring and summer right around the corner .

I am putting myself through a sort of spring training .

Daily workouts consisting of a mix of cardio , weights , gym visits, yoga and walking , whatever I feel like that day.

I am now keeping a food blog diary , private of course, that is the only way I have found to really keep track of how I am doing .

Today is day three of full force really conciously working at it , my legs feel like they are made of lead , and I need to get used to my appropriate portions , it does take some work doesn't it .

The sun is shining , things are popping up out of the earth , trees are budding , the perfect time to shake off the winter blahs and get out there again .

Think its time for a walk.

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