Friday, March 26, 2010

Just keeping on

{this photo taken last summer }
At this time of the year when the snow is all gone and the air is crisp and cold and the garden just looks like a mess it is so hard to remember what it looks like when it comes back to life.
{this photo taken last summer too}
Especially this spot , its looks right now like there is no hope for it , but this will happen again , now that I am reminded I do have faith , after all I see the tulips popping up already .

I am now remembering the beautiful peonies my sister in law Janice surprised me with , these were fresh from her garden.

I remember back to last June when we travelled to Orlando and vacationed during a most uncomfortable heat wave , it was nice to get away but lesson learned we don't travel to hot locations during the summer months , especially my husband can't handle it he's hot in our Canadian winters, he did his best to tolerate the heat , but when he slept nightly on the floor right next to the air conditioner by choice you know how much he must have been suffering .

Doesn't that just warm your heart , a relaxed and sleepy puppy .

Happy weekend everyone.
I have completed my first full week of workouts and improved diet , things are going well , but the journey has just begun , anyone have any tips to keep motivated that have worked for you , I'd love to hear them , I am feeling stressed lately and been getting stress headaches for about a month now , so I need to keep those factors at bay to keep me on track ,there is no giving up, there is just keeping on .

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