Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I caved , Christmas season has begun.

I removed the candle from this jar and placed this wonderful ornament in its place. My beachy theme goes no where during the holidays it works together beautifully, there will be some glittering of starfish very soon. I even have a ornament with shells on it from 18 years ago that my mother gave to me.

I added bands of ribbon to the neutral lamp shades in the dining room with a hidden straight pin, just to add some jazz, I have a hard time with subtle when it comes to Christmas. I added the extra red love to the accent wall, leaning it on the moulding as well I secured it with a tad of duct tape to prevent it from falling. I picked up a few new ornaments last night , I fell in love with these giant peppermint candies, I do love candy and chocolate inspired things, you will see shortly when I dig them out of storage.

I stole Stephanie's idea to paint the inside of the cupboard , she has magnetic chalk paint, mine is just chalk but still a great idea, for more important info.Like when the next pizza lunch is..

I am enjoying my new chalk board and am using it , to help remember those little things like dryer sheets, and the q-tips I keep forgetting, not need to look for paper and pens, as well it really hides the side of the fridge.

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