Monday, November 5, 2007

step 3 change in plans

Alright a little change of plans, when we built this house from plans the offered for this area beside the tub to for several hundred dollars to have a linen closet , of course I said no way , but decided today to have a little look see as to what if anything was in there , well there is a pipe but also plenty of room for a recessed cupboard, so that is what it will be or that is what I will build.
Here is the small access hole, I looped my camera strap around my wrist and put my camera in the hole to take photos of what was inside, very clever , that way I could back out of it and repair the hole or make and even bigger one.

I went for bigger. I will be shopping for a door very soon, Ikea has a great area for spare doors.
We can surely use the extra storage.

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