Sunday, November 4, 2007

Step by step

I have begun the process of renovating my gilrs bathroom, which required me removing the baseboard and framing the shower tub area . Here is what I have ended up with , it was a tough process to install the moulding around the toilet , there was a lot of contorting involved, I am glad it is done , well at least the hard part.
I have chosen a pine baseboard, which I don't normally do , I always go for MDF, but this caught my eye it had a great profile that I couldn't find in the MDF. A bit of a splurge but needing so few feet why not.
I also re framed the door casings, sorry the photo is a little fuzzy, I will get a better photo , I promise, I used the casing to a straight cut and a flat piece as a header out of MDF 6" and use a half round pine trim to add detail.
Here is where I ripped of the trim, that is always fun easy yet messy. The whole process is messy , so I try to clean as I go.

Here is where I applied a simple casing to the surround of the bath tub area , so that when I install the tile onto the wall the edge of the tile will be concealed , as to not see the yucky edge, I could have used a piece of edging tile , but the cost of those is very over blown , trim looks better and is less expensive.
After I nail, I use this handy tool and hammer to sink the nails deeper into the wood so that I can then fill those holes and sand them smooth, there is no sign of where I have nailed the piece.

I am very excited to get started on the tile, it is a much more satisfying process, as well I was given a tile saw and I am excited to break it in.
I have a great deal to so , must caulk the corners of the baseboard, prime the wood trim , paint the trim and door, install the tiles and grout . So I am well on my way and excited to get this job done.
Now I should mention that I did fall into the shower and pulled down the bar, I didn't get hurt , but this is one of those things where "no pain no gain" applies.

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