Tuesday, November 6, 2007

quick pilgrimage


I have been lucky enough to rearrange my work load so that I will have the afternoon off today , we will be making a quick trip to Ottawa for a support group meeting and informational evening to do with severe food allergies, Anaphylaxis and Sabrina's Law, Sara Shannon the mother of the late Sabrina Shannon for which the anaphylaxis law has been named will be speaking this evening, I think it will be a great opportunity to find out any new information and to meet other families dealing with the same issues that we have to deal with , I will be pulling the kids out of school to join in the trip, it will be so good for Sophie to see how many other people are affected by these daily concerns of life threatening food allergies. As well I hope to come away with some great info on how to start a support group and what to do to make it work for all involved and meet a group of people that share my daily stuggles.

I am so looking forward to this evening as I never though on such short notice that I would be able to attend, my husband is coming it should be a fun road trip. We will be tired tomorrow I'm sure as we will be coming back this evening as well.

Well we made the trip it was long and rainy, we got there in due time and learned so much. I come away today very inspired , the girls were so good in the lecture hall for almost three hours , even applauded by to prinicipals for their comendable behaviour, as well there were several news crews that came in and ttok footage of the event as well as footage of our daughters ,which Sophie wasn't so sure of , due to it being out of our area in Ottawa we will not see if we made the news, but I happy to see them there to document these talks, any more awareness is great.
It was a long drive but well worth the trip and even experiencing being pulled over for speeding , not me!, but due to our circumstances the kind police officer let us off with a small fine and we didn't lose any points. That was a first, we were just so desperate to be home and to get the kids in their beds, I think it was around 1:00 am we were busted.
Lesson's learned.

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