Friday, November 2, 2007

So much work I have found...

Turns out that Moe was a great choice way back in July , he is so sweet and a wonderful addition to our family, I can finally yell "BOYS" when they are wrestling too much.Isn't he so sweet.
Have you met my sink? It is a Kohler sink, three bowls obviously, I found this lovely gem in the classifieds for $100.00 I knew it would look great in our new home, I can't tell you how much I love it, that third sink is so used , I don't think I could manage without on now or ever, this is the third home it has been in , it is worn and scratched, but it makes me feel like it has been here forever, for many long years .It is so clean so I needed to take a photo of it, after all this morning it was clogged up so badly all three drains were over flowing, but I fixed it, good thing too , how I could manage a day with out my kitchen sink , I just couldn't , I have lots of mouths to feed.
I have decided after watching Oprah the other day and saw Cindy Crawford's family photo albums, I realized I need to get that done for me as well. We need to be able to sit down and remember our times, how the kids have grown so fast.

I finally have a fireplace, but it is not what any girl imagines, so one day recently I realized how I can alter this simple unit to have more or a mantel , so after many sketches I have a plan, now I just need some time to accomplish it.

Turns out I will not have to move after all. I have the girls bathroom to tile, Sophie's bedroom to re trim, the fireplace to rebuilt and the family room kitchen to add crown moulding to , this I will not tackle , nothing worse than shabby crown right. My bathroom to tile and the ceiling to add coffers and beadboard , its all in my head , I have the vision I just need the cash.

Looks like a couple more years worth of work until its all done.

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