Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Can you see what I have done ? , I have gone and shared my pretty light with my daughter , I think it looks perfect in here , I even got electrocuted doing it , can't figure out why that is , normally I can switch out lights without a jolt , but its like I am cursed or something ... a couple of things I would like to change here would be the carpet to painted white floors , well that is really it I guess.
I have shared and left myself with out a light at all , now I search for something old or something different , a one of a kind light , that won't make noise when a breeze is added , as pretty as those Capzi lights are if your husband likes a breeze and from my experience surveying most men do like the air to move especially in the summer months , this light will keep you awake at night.
Look at that me keeping it real showing you my unmade messy bed , don't fret , it is made now , I can't leave my bed unmade , it would drive me crazy , do you need to make your bed, EVERY DAY ?


Lou Cinda said...

Your such a good mom to share your gorgeous light fixture! It looks perfect!

I have to make my bed EVERYDAY!! I am manic about it! I cannot stand to come home to an unmade bed!

Sadly, my sons do not share this passion....

Lou Cinda :)

Sandra said...

I've gotten so used to my house being in utter chaos from all the remodeling that it doesn't bother me a bit if my bed isn't made. On the rare occasion that I get up before my hubby and he makes it, I do notice and think it looks nice. It just doesn't bother me enough to make it myself when I get up last. Oh, it's an ugly rut I've dug myself into.

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

your daughter will love her new summery bedroom... especially with that great light!

i don't make my bed everyday... but i'm always happier when i do! a neatly made bed is such a delight when you retire for the day!

Restyled Home said...

Yep, I have to. It's the first thing I do when I get up...that and open the blind. I am my mother's daughter!

Too bad about the light. It was so perfect in your room. Lucky Sophie. But I know you will find something even better!


Ms. Bake-it said...

Lucky girl! The light looks great in your daughter's room!

Yes, I have to make my bed in the morning. It is actually one of the first things I do when I wake up.

~ Tracy

Tricia Rose said...

I HAVE to make my bed as soon as I get up. I don't even think about it - my bed is so private, and I love it so very, very much, I just can't leave it messy.

Have even managed to pass this on to my children - unconscious bed-making!

There some fabulous new lights now, you have a win-win there!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Big pet-peeve of mine. Beds have to be made every day...unless you are sick an dplanning to spend the day on it.
To me is just automatically.

Our Poverty with a View said...

What a good mama, sharing your light. I make the bed everyday!

fairmaiden said...

Yes, I have to make my bed everyday. Drives me crazy to leave it unmade...and I make my teens beds too...cause they leave them unmade, no matter how many times I nag them, when they leave for school.

I look forward to seeing what new light you get. ox

Honey said...

Yes, I need to make my bed every single day. :)

Your daughters room is darling.
Have a good night!

Elyse said...

i do like to make my bed every day. sometimes it's the only thing i feel in control of (LOL), plus i like to fold laundry on my bed.

now on to the good stuff: your bedrooms are amazing. stunningly beautiful -- even unmade.
thank you for sharing!


Delcie said...

Gorgeous light! I understand the need to move it. Yes I try to make the bed as soon as I get up, then its done if you get busy and don't get back to it. Even when I change the sheets, I only like to let it air about an hour and then remake it. I hate having to make a bed at night on laundry day. Always have spare sheets for each bed.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Love it - looks so purdy.

Kathy :) said...

Looks cute in there Chris you're a nice Mamma...

Yes.... I have to make my bed each day...my kids don't though...and it drives me nuts....I end up making them :(

All the best,
Kathy :)

lifeinredshoes said...

Is this confession? Because I don't make my bed every day, but when I do, it makes so much happier.
Moral of the story: confession is good for the soul:)

A Write Life said...

I prefer a made bed, my husband and dogs do not. They win.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

my bed is made approx 28 out of 30 days. I make it or hubby does (what a good man). some days are just a little rougher than others, so i can go with it when it isn't made (but the very next day it is made!)

miss lovely daughter's bedroom is looking fab. my soon to be 13 year old is getting a room makeover for her bday. thanks for sharing!

you should check out my office re-org~makes your unmade bed look like nothing!