Monday, May 24, 2010

We spent the whole day yesterday slaving over this 16 foot diameter circle in the sweltering heat , trying desperately to level this spot out and removing all the grass then adding 20 bags of sand to make a nice even spot for the temporary pool , which the girls just love , I have very badly blistered hands to prove it , the things we do for those we love!
Are any of you surprised that here in Canada it gets hot and we need pools to make it through ? I am always amazed there are people out there that think Canada is cold all year round , well its not we have four distinct seasons here this spring is actually feeling a lot like summer in fact is 80 degrees today ... that air conditioning needed to get fired up today , my husband can not handle the slightest bit of heat .
After living with a furniture grave yard in my dining room we decided to stick with our current black large dining table , the lovely oval table is pretty but I would need to add height to the legs and the top is really rough , I decided to keep it for myself in my workroom in the basement , it looks so nice down there , someone before me used it for a craft table too and I'm ok with that .

I found these lovely green coned shaped hanging baskets , I decided to plant a variety of purple flowers and trailing greens , which I admit look piddly right now , but will look great after a few weeks of growing.

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