Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inspiration comes from way back when , well 2002 anyway

It turns out that I am a collector , this was evident when my daughter spilled a glass of water on the tray on our ottoman where I keep two piles of decorating magazines, I leap and started flinging my mags out of harms way , some of these magazine are from the early 2000's , this is the only thing I really collect actually . One much loved magazine in my collection is this 2002 Country Home magazine , the home of Kimber Wysong has been a great source of inspiration for my current home , I actually got a hold of Kimber on Facebook , and she tells me they have long moved on from this lovely home and are now living in a "Beach House" .

Now this is a window box people , and the source of inspiration for mine , which I will admit is much more meek , but mine is not nearly as ample a window box.
I have always been a fan of a Tudor and this one so light and charming is perfection. This fence sealed the deal for me , it pushed the decision for me to tackle building our current picket fence right after we moved here in 2003.
Actually after seeing this off center entry again maybe I should continue my fence and add an entrance arbour?? ok that's a blatant copy.

This is one of the first open shelving kitchens I did see , Kimber was a pioneer , and look at those gorgeous wood counters , they are cherry and the charming painted floors , her two little boys must be teenagers now , it is still as classic a home as ever , wouldn't you love to see her beach home ? I know I would too , I did ask if she would share some photos so I could share with you , I will keep trying , but I don't want to be too stalkerish ...

We are very much enjoying the early arrival of record breaking temps not since 1944 has it been this hot this early , the plants are just loving the warmth and sun , everything is blooming and sprouting in record time. I must say though I feel for the kids and teachers in school this time of year for the lack of air conditioning in the school makes for some sweltering class rooms, I dropped off a very powerful fan that was collecting dust in our basement , they surely can borrow it for the next four weeks of school , if the weather stays like this is is going to be a very long four weeks , I was up in my daughters class room this morning at 7:30 AM and it was so muggy I don't know how they could even stand it , I am glad we have the pool up for them to cool off in after school , freezies and swimming , nothing is more summery to kids.

I just had to show how my little corner of shame in my garden looks now that some time has passed , this is the sweet spot , I wish my whole garden looked this lush , I am working on it , my lovely friend has been donating her split hostas by the bucket full to me , I love a big hosta.

This photo was taken just 8 weeks ago , look how things improve over a short while , all the lovely perennials were just waiting to appear.

Everything is planted now , I went for a colorful scheme in the window box this year, I actually took a photo from a magazine of a window box I loved with me to the garden center and tried to do a scaled back version with similar plants I will add a few more plants I think , it will fill out and improve with time , I will show you the progress.

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