Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pergola report

Here is the way the deck looked last year , when I sold this canopy earlier this year my husband was rather annoyed with me , I assured him we needed a pergola , he disagreed , why ?, he clearly didn't want one at all , but when he was BBQing late Sunday night he admitted he loved it , it was great , he should be pleased , this is one project I could not have done without him....he did an awesome job.
It all started with this one photo , it inspired my very own back deck pergola , I was looking for some style and achitectural detail for the back of my house , I have lots of curb appeal , a picket fence , gardens , two front porches , shake details and window box all add to that , but the back of the house was looking flat and boring , and down right uninviting with the exception of the girl's playhouse, I had always appreciated a few houses in the area with lovely white painted pergola's what could be more perfect to create a real outdoor room. I waited 5 years for our deck , I wanted a stone terrace , but money dictated a deck which turned out well,I love the warmth the way the in and out are now seamless , it is a real extension of our greatroom , I then waited two more years for the pergola which was well worth the wait, good things come to those who wait. 7 years of patience and hardwork paid off.

Funny dog pic just for fun , in the mornings they love to sit behind the drapes and soak up the sun.
So it took 2~ 6"x6"x12' posts , 3~2"x"8x20' beams and 14~2"x6"x16' joists and a pile of nails screws and bolts and brackets.

I have all of these fabulous little off cuts , I will make something of them ....waste not.

And finally here it is , the pergola , we are so proud of it , my hubby nearly gave into the rain , which turned out to be nothing at all , I talked him into using our garage to cut those detailed ends , he took the bait , he let me rest and take it easy as I was without any pain medication over the whole weekend , and some other lady problems I endured , getting older is fun. I helped when I was needed to lift those beams into place , it was touch and go for a while there dealing with immense pain , but I wanted it done already , so after many rests I would push on until I could not and then rested some more , hubby suggested closing up shop but I pushed the project on doesn't he know me?

Doesn't it look so much nicer now , with the pergola , the dining table , the shingles on the fireplace bumpout and the hammock , I am very pleased.

It needs some painting of course , I used all scraps of wood from leftover projects to create the trim details for the base of the posts and just below the support beams , I was awful happy to have a compressor and nail gun yesterday while I finished up those details .
I wanted to be able to have the market umbrella over the dining table which meant we installed the pergola higher than most , most we see around here are installed just above the sliding doors which would be too low for us, the umbrella provides great shade and even protects from a light rain at times which mean I lose the hanging lanterns but I like them on the table just as well.

I am looking forward to some great BBQ's and parties this summer, what a great place to decorate and enjoy.

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