Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Can you see what I have done ? , I have gone and shared my pretty light with my daughter , I think it looks perfect in here , I even got electrocuted doing it , can't figure out why that is , normally I can switch out lights without a jolt , but its like I am cursed or something ... a couple of things I would like to change here would be the carpet to painted white floors , well that is really it I guess.
I have shared and left myself with out a light at all , now I search for something old or something different , a one of a kind light , that won't make noise when a breeze is added , as pretty as those Capzi lights are if your husband likes a breeze and from my experience surveying most men do like the air to move especially in the summer months , this light will keep you awake at night.
Look at that me keeping it real showing you my unmade messy bed , don't fret , it is made now , I can't leave my bed unmade , it would drive me crazy , do you need to make your bed, EVERY DAY ?

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