Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarah Richardson Pillows

I have always noticed Sarah Richardson's love or pretty pillows , way back to her Room Service days , those days she made the pillows herself, she loved the seamstress details and even used buttons .
I have always longed for the design of the pillows here , she takes a stripe fabric and cuts it into triangles and constructs a clean design, and I have always wanted to try it , but it seemed as though it may be fussy or complicated , as I often am , I was wrong.

After a couple of hours of cutting , sewing , ironing and more and more sewing , I have myself two lovely pillows, mine have a flange , I like a flange.
I have tried my best to include the steps it took to create these pillow covers .

This was a most gratifying step , seeing it all come together.

I then sewed two triangles together ,repeating that again and then sewed those right sides together to get the above front of pillow , I think you know what is next , finish the pillow .

I left a half inch seam allowance.

I cut out a perfect square in this brown tissue paper then folded it into a triangle and cut on the lines to create a pattern with 4 pieces, I pinned them to two layers of this striped fabric , allowing me two pillow fronts.
So are you inspired to make some pillow covers ?, or have you ever made a pillow ?, or do you always buy pillows ?, you have pillows right?


Jamie said...

Great pillows! I recently did this same thing with a black and white ticking and it is my favorite pillow in the house! Which means something since I have many many pillows!

Ajalee's Sweet Life said...

I just recently made all new pillow covers for my home!! I love going to the fabric store and picking out just the right fabric for a custom look. I even bought cabana pink stripe sheets to turn into pillows for my daughters shabby chic room :)

Ivy Lane said...

I love Design Inc...where the heck is it?? Hopefully, they are shooting a new season..Sarah is the bomb!

MaryBeth said...

You are just amazing. Do you ever stop doing stuff? Wish I had a spec of your talent. xo, MB

Anonymous said...

The pillows came out great! Isn't it fun to learn something new and succeed like you did?

What do you think about hosting a "Pillow Party"?

Like your new background also.


Posey said...

Love the pillows...I did the same thing last summer, but I was copying some Pottery Barn outdoor pillows. I made more than one and figured out that if you turned the longest edge of the pattern to follow the stripe, the result would be the square design, like in the Sara Richardson pillow.

love your blog!

nameisgrace said...

Just stopping by to say hello! Glad I found your blog. Such great ideas! Have a wonderful weekend!



the keele's said...

your pillows are very cute. ok so you have me inspired to make pillow covers now!! i have been wanting to for such a long time now. i am just going to do it! ready set, here we go.....

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Beeee'autiful! Love your pillows~

SweDaisy said...

Great job. Kudos to you for attempting a tricky design too. They look great.

take care,

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Great pillows Chris! I really like the flange detail. Do you sew your pillows closed, or do you have the overlap at the back so they can be easily removed? I almost always cover my own pillows. Way cheaper and I don't cringe as much when the kids are rough on them.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

By the way Chris, would you mind sharing where you shop for fabric? The Fabricland a few towns over from us has been getting worse and worse for selection, especially for stripes and beachy colours. I love the fabric you use.

disa said...



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