Friday, November 23, 2007

Chalk board comes to life.

What on earth is this , you are wondering....?
Well it is an old headboard I made many years ago , out of an antique door that I added mouldings to. I have always wanted a chalkboard for my kitchen, in this kitchen there is no wall space so I have been thinking about trying this door, I attached it to the door frame and added a small wheel to the back side so that it can swing and hide my sweepers.It also hides the side of the fridge.

However it needed a makeover , I removed the former moulding, and added these beaded mouldings around the outside edge, and created a small panel and division so that the chalkboard section would not be the full length.
Its kind of larger than life I know , but I hope I like the end result. I am going to paint it all white and possibly do a rub, so that it stand out from the kitchen cabinets.
I had half the day off today , it wouldn't be like me to just sit around would it?

I will post more photos as I get them done. I am still working on the kids bath , but that will be this weekend perhaps that I can tackle it.


Katrina said...

That will look great! I painted a chalk board on the front of my pantry cupboard doors in an old house we had and I always got comments about it. I couldn't do it in the house I am in, but made up for it by created a huge one in my kids playroom and they love it! I saw in a magazine a whole chalk wall in a child's bedroom and it really looked great! Can't wait to see the end result!

restyled home said...

That is going to be beautiful! I have a recipe for makind chalkboard paint in pretty colours...if you don't want black or green.


Stephanie said...

That's really pretty. I like the mouldings that you are adding.

As you know we are working on our cabinets, and I am going to paint the backside of a few cabinet doors with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint to make myself a hidden message center. No more taping recipes and phone numbers to the inside of the doors!

chriskauf said...

Hey , Linda I would love that recipe, sounds fun, Stephanie that is a great idea , I do have tons of things taped to the inside of my cabinets, recipes, school schedules that sort of stuff, I have heard of the magnetic paint.