Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What DIY projects are in the works.....

 It is officially fall here in Canada...cooler nights mixed with beautiful warm to hot days the kids are back in school and there is snow on the ground in Calgary....I'm sad about that for my fellow Canadians because its just plain unacceptable for there to be snow in September or October and it even offends me in November, December bring it on but that's just how I feel....becuase I am not a winter girl. I don't like cold, I don't like snow, I don't like any winter sports....I kind of wish I did because the winter is long...
I thought I would warm things up a touch in the living room/aka rec room lately since it has become our video game room for my girls and their friends...I think it's time to start planning a basement rec room for real.
I dug out these lamp shade slipcovers that I made a while back ...what a nice easy way to change things up. If you's like to check out this easy DIY project you can see a tutorial HERE

 So what is in the works for DIY around the house...well the dining room floors that is for sure...I am so sick of seeing this's gotta go and soon. I need to go get that purchased so it can acclimatize for a good long time.

Dining room plans:
Pine floors (stained dark of course)
Wood beams
Most likely v-groove on the ceiling
Crown moulding
Making our round table larger to accomodate seating for 6
Built ins
Beams like this image from Houzz

Built ins will come down the line, this image is inspiring me...its perfect for our dining room, image found on HGTV

The next project in the planning stage is my youngest daughters needs a lot of work.

This is quite a before shot

Bathroom plans:
Paint the cabinet white or soft grey
Adding a foot base detail to the cabinet
Adding drawers inside the cabinet
Framing the mirror
Adding a cornice and trim to the tub area
Long custom shower curtain
Paint the walls
Decorative feature for the mirror wall

I still have 100 sq feet of this beautiful tile so I want to use it in this bathroom somewhere...maybe above the mirror for the accent? 
Or maybe the toilet wall??? Im not sure but that reminds me of our girls bathroom in our old house I loved the tiled walls.
You can see that old post HERE  I loved all that tile in that's a terrible photo I know,sorry.
You can see the rest of that place HERE I loved that house....I am happy to say it's even better now that the current owners ripped out the rest of the carpet and installed wide plank pine in all the bedrooms and stained it's gorgeous and I am so glad the owners that live there now bought our old house.I miss this backyard though...and that sweet bunkie, our backyard will eventually get to that happy place it just takes time. 

Back to what's in store...these walls
I have decided I need some planks or ship lap walls and this wall is screaming for it...four walls in the kitchen will get this treatment sometime in the near future but like I said the dining room comes first then Sophie's bathroom and then I can move onto this project.

 One more project that I think I need to get started is the hallway wainscoting.... I still have a difficult time kneeling since injuring my ankles (my one ankle has limited range of motion still) this summer so I will take things slowly and only tackle what I can. It's going to look spectacular.
Here is the little bit of wainscoting I do have completed in the hall as well as the staircase of course...I am so glad I have the job completed. 
So that's what I have planned, it's a lot I know and there's just one little old this should take a while to complete but that's OK there is no rush...I will do what I can as quickly as I can. 
My only timeline is to have the dining room completed before Halloween becuase last year the day before Halloween I ripped out the dining room carpet and more than a year without progress for me is unacceptable...because if it goes past a year it could stay that way forever...

Thanks for checking in and taking time to read my rambling post....have a wonderful day.

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