Friday, September 5, 2014

Project curb appeal

 Now that summer if officially over and the kids are back at school I am able to focus guilt free on the home again. I have been allowing my ankles to heal for the whole summer, if you missed that story you can read about it HERE...I know I'm going to be slower and I need to still be careful or I could re-injure myself so I thought a small project was in order before the cold weather sets far September has been beautiful and hot!
It started out with my wanting to change the door color, although I love the look of the yellow doors I was craving a change so I picked a deep navy shade a little darker than the shutters.
As you can see I have yet to paint the front door.
I didn't want to paint until I tackled a little project I have been meaning to get done.
Beefing up the door trim with a header.
One of the things I love about our house are all the headers above the windows and most of the doors, I'm not sure why the front door didn't get a header also but it didn't so after dragging my feet on this project I decided to just do it already.
A few readers have told me my door was not grand enough or that it was too cheap for my house...I hope they like this makeover because I love it. Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see photos usually daily HERE
I'm hoping to get to the painting of the door today, so more photos to come soon.

Here is the before....

I went to the shelf aisle at Home Depot and picked out a 12" wide pine board and a small crown moulding and some coving and a board for the top piece. A nice one day project.

 I was finally able to give my new toy from Ryobi a was so nice and quick to just plug in a battery and get this project underway without a oh so loud compressor.
 I also found a very exciting new item at Home you see it? its a roller tray that hooks right onto the paint can, why didn't I think of this? It's brilliant and so much better than a seperate roller for those smaller projects...go get one.
 Included in project curb appeal I thought it was time to add a little bling to the garage doors...I still need to paint the handle in the center, I know. I think its just the little bit of accent the doors needed. I will do headers for the doors at some point. (my poor drive way needs a re-coat due to the damage left from the fence project.)

Here is a look at the new door color, I went with Martha Stewart Wrought's a great deep tone and it goes so much better with the inside of my house, so now when I look out to the door on the garage it is more cohesive.

I better run and get that door painted before it rains ...bye for now.

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