Monday, September 3, 2012

dining room gets a little attention

 I have made a few little changes in the dining room , I took a few hours today and sanded off the blue paint of this old dresser I am using as a side board . The veneer under the paint was beautiful and there is even an inlay but it is in terrible shape so I just sanded it down smooth. I wanted to create a worn out look, nailed it ! ha ha
Now I know why it was painted by the guy who sold it to me. It was $60 and I love it still , the drawers are in perfect working order and I love the legs and the lovely wheels , and now I love its charming character. 
We loved how the dresser wood compliments the chandelier and the mirror wood compliments the two x back chairs. 

 I removed the lamp shade slipcovers , glad I had bought the grey shades that were underneath way back when. I also painted the lamps a semi gloss black spray paint. Much better , simpler quieter. I wish I has 4 of those wicker chairs I just love them . I do want to replace the ladder back chairs with some simple white slipcovered dining chairs , maybe for my 40th birthday...???
A look back at the lamps and dresser before. 
Can you see how the bulkhead above the windows and the fact that the window is so close to the back wall , this is making for a tough decision for me as far as draperies. I want drapes and I have 4 windows in this room , I'm thinking I will have to do roman's on the side windows and drapes on the front windows ... 

 I am going to try these grey drapes from Ikea , Ritva $29.00 . I can do two windows like these with roman's covered in the same grey drapery fabric , luckily I have two roman blinds that will work perfectly for this . I love this dining room so much , so calm and earthy.
What makes this room so wonderful ( besides all the beautiful things within in)  is that the trim around the windows are painted out the same color as the walls , lovely. I am thinking of a grey taupe shade that will work with the grey drapes.

 Here are the chairs I long for    HENRIKSDAL Chair, brown, Blekinge white

So back to normal tomorrow , back to school for both girls . I will have more time to do some client work and hopefully some projects around here. Summer has been great , the weather has never been better . I am a summer person for sure , I will miss it . 

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