Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My opinion on marble counters in the kitchen , for what it matters

I have a little secret ....I have had my marble in the kitchen for about 5 months, and I haven't gotten around to sealing it , I was supposed to , but I didn't have time to make the 1 1/2 hr round trip to buy it .
And guess what, the universe didn't fold in onto it self. Of course we were careful , kept all the colourful food to the island but all is good . Truth be told there was one accident early on , someone who is a child in our house made lemon aid on my counter and it left a ring , well its acid and it is not going anywhere, but it was a learning experience and its only notice on occasion I got over it , its just a counter, right.
I finally made it a priority to get out and get the sealer from Marbletrend out in Vaughan. Oh my word , what a show room and what a knowledgeable staff. You should go if you are near. You can see a beautiful piece of carrera that is 12 years old as of its install and how gorgeous it is . I have made a conclusion after having marble counters , just as there will always be people who shriek at the mention of painting wood there will always be nay sayers of marble for counters, usually these nay sayers will have never owned or lived with marble counters keep in mind and keep in mind my opinion that the concerns and paranoia is blown out of proportion. I know I ramble...sorry. My counters are HONED this is the way to go for white and light counters so I have been advised by the experts, it is better wearing and takes sealers well.
Here is the safety insurance for white marble , it is the best sealer out there on the market. I will roll on with a foam roller this goopy paste and leave it over night, then buff it in the morning . Then 4 days later I will do it again and then again 4 days later again. Actually I will have to spread out the applications but you get it , three applications then that is it. FOR 10 YEARS ! OK so this is so worth the price which is $100 money well spent. Bring on more marble I say , I really badly want marble counters in our master sooner rather than later.
 Here is some of the eye candy you will find at Marbletrend just off the 400 at Finch.
 Wow , right.

 I was so glad I made my way into the washroom , it was stunning too.

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