Monday, September 10, 2012

One year ago today

One year ago today we signed on the dotted line and began the journey once again into new home ownership. It all happened very fast and unexpectedly , the idea of buying this house just down the street from our house hadn't even been in the plans. We had just finished building the backyard bunkie I had always dreamed of building , but a bunkie is no reason to miss out on your dream home right in your own neighbourhood. All I can say is that this spur of the moment decision turned out to be just the right decision for our family, we are oh so happy here. 
 We loved our beautiful little backyard with 9 years worth of gardens and finally the adorable bunkie. I am so glad I got to build it with my husband . I enjoyed a couple of nights in the bunkie , oh the fresh air and cottage feeling it had , just what I had dreamed of. I miss those lovely morning glories m they were so lush. We have so much planning and work to do here, in the spring we will build a fence and hopefully a big deck , time to do some design planning .

 Here is our home now one year later , home sweet home .

I think we can safely say I have established the sod , it looks so pretty especially after I mow it , I like mowing , it's a great workout. There is a lot of grass , especially compared to our old house . The front blvd of this house has more grass than our last houses entire lot, hilarious. I need to call the weedman.

 Now to plan that fence , it must be pretty , not too tall , great details. Off to think about it I guess....

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