Sunday, September 2, 2012

I need a break

I tried and tried to be more daring with color in the laundry room. My plan for this house was to keep the main parts of the house quiet and simple with dark floors and white walls and of course lots of trim.
I want to save color for the washrooms and bedrooms and I was thinking it may be fun in the laundry room. Color that makes anxious was not the goal. I got testers and tried Martha Stewarts Peony and a Soft Gold by Cil, but they were jarring, I wasn't going for jarring. I went instead with a tone on tone soft grey blue Martha Stewarts Heavy Goose. 
Thank you for all the great coral colors , I love coral but I will admit I am too chicken to use it properly.

I decided to keep the beachy vibe in the laundry room , I do love the calm dreamy look and I already have items to decorate , it just made sense to me. It now feels calm and soft with a little playful touch.
I added lots of hooks for drying cloths and storing utility items, even ugly items like my plug in vacuum and the drying rack, it is a laundry room after all , not everything is pretty.

I am going use white drapes for the closet and the backsplash is going to eventually be white also.
That's it for now with the laundry room. Because I need a break from projects.
The floor is now done , yeah!! stained and top coated three times, its funny how slippery it is to the dogs , sometimes it seems as though they are walking on ice...funny. I love the look , it makes me happy to see it all completed and not to see any sub floor, that stuff is so dirty.

Time to take a much deserved break .

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