Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest house update

This has been such a nice hot summer , we have never spent so much time on our little backyard deck , last year we had a big beautiful table but went with a more loungey set up this year which I have loved so much more , so relaxing .
Well here it is , our little guest house as it looks today , nearing completion , well there is still a lot to do , the deck for the front of the house , but that will wait for now , I know I hate those support blocks but they are a must, we will hide them under a little porch eventually.
Here is a close look at the inside , look at those nails , it's a house of horrors in there , in desperate need of bead board panels to cover this mess , I found out the hard way how bad falling into these nails feels .
I am getting to impatient right now , I want the interior finished so I can rent a sprayer and paint this baby all our white , and then I am toying with a little color on the ceiling or flooring .

Tiny but cute , this is going to be a fun addition to our house.

Are you as in love with this ceiling as I am , it is going to come to life once it is all painted and lightened up.

I just needed to paint out some of the inside to see the effect of white , I love white , and how much it brightens everything up.

Boy is this yard ever in need of some landscaping in front of the guest house , I am planning a nice country style path from the deck to the guest house and eventually some nice healthy grass but there is no point in thinking grass at this point ... thanks for stopping by , I will try to keep things posted as they progress.

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