Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Roller coaster rides of life...

I've been trying to take a little relaxation time , even if only for a few minutes at a time , time to put up my feet and enjoy this summer weather , I really love summer , I would trade Christmas for all year round to be summer I love it so much . I found a little bucket BBQ on sale for $9.00 , perfect for roasting marshmallows , I even found one in a lovely blue , but they also had pink, yellow and green to choose from at the Superstore.
This little guest house bunkie has really become a second job , I want to get it done so that it can be enjoyed before this warm weather disappears, so the pressure it on . I have the two side walls to clad inside and flooring to lay , and most importantly the soffits to install to keep the mosquito's out, very important.
I finished the door and window wall with horizontal pine v-groove , I figured the large panels of beadboard would be a nightmare to cut around the windows and door , everything will be painted out the same white and it will look great , the jury is still out on the bead board panels , I know a lot of bloggers use the big sheets of bead board but I love the real thing better , it is just nicer finish and nicer to work with , but because of the way the studs are I would have had to install horizontal supports and I wanted to give the panels a try just to see what they were like . So far they are heavy , pricey and rough the only plus is that they are quick to install and cover a large area in a short time, so I am not a fan but I will finish the bunkie with them and they will be fine but will require lots of sanding for sure.
I finished the bulk of the window wall trim and primed and painted it as well, there is still some finish trim to do , I just needed to see it a little brighter and finished . I know its not the right time but I did hang the candle chandelier just to see how it looked and fit in the space ,love it ! I must get a fire extinguisher for the bunkie for sure ... this will only be lit when I am in the bunkie , never for when the kids will use it , they will have battery operated candles and lanterns...
You may recall this chandelier from my dining room , its so perfect for the bunkie ...I am so anxious to get this room finished and pretty ...
We took some time for the beach again just me and the girls , they had just had a big sand sculpture contest , check out this amazing dinosaur , incredible.
The day was sunny and gorgeous , but seriously windy ...I blew up our tube for the girls and sent them off to play in the water and normally they stay safely near the shore , but to my horror I took out my binoculars to peek at the kids and to my horror I saw them out WAY too far , right out at the buoys ,are you kidding me , this is lake Ontario a GREAT LAKE, I wasn't sure if they were out there on purpose , Sophie was in the tube laying and Mason was hanging off the side , I freaked out , I couldn't get to them so I alerted the life guard and they sent one life guard out on a boogie board to check on them and to bring them back , while I watched I saw one of my girls fall into the very deep water , how helpless I felt ... They didn't see what the big deal was , apparently the wind brought them out about half way , and so they thought lets go touch the buoy and go back , are you kidding me ....yeah nothing bad could have happened ...the tube could have popped as it was already leaking , Mason could have become too tired , someone could have fallen into the very deep cold water , which happened , I was so freaked out , everything turned out fine he brought them back in . Although Mason said it was fine , but later admitted she was tired and Sophie did slip off the tube into the water trying to reach out to the buoy...it was all bad in my opinion, I didn't think I needed to tell them the buoy was TOO FAR TO GO ... no wonder I have grey hair , Sophie later admitted she was scared out that far...and the life guard was quite cute to walk by us a little later and tease the girls saying " you got in trouble "!!!! apparently they were embarrassed , but I was not about to just sit there and wait for something horrible to happen .... oh kids , love em and want to kill em all in the same moment.
Onto lighter issues now , like my wee surf board shaped sign , it will say when done THE BEACH house , I should really get that done already ...I used the cut off of the ceiling to make this little sign .
So there you have it , a little to show , I hope we will have lots more to show you soon , I am still unsure as to the floor finish , do I make beds do I pick up metal daybeds I saw on kijiji ??? I just don't know ... I will keep you in the loop ...cheers for now !

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