Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer at the beach and ourguest house progress

When I saw this photo recently on House of Turquoise I knew I had to change my plan of painting the bunkie ceiling white , this is sheer perfection. There is still so much work to be done on our bunkie , I think I may start to call it our guest house since it will be just that , we are currently working on the roof , ourselves , roofing is not fun on a 100 degree day , sticky tar covered sheets are a nightmare on such a hot day , but you do what you gotta do sometimes.
As you can see our bunkie is no place to welcome guests, yet!
My daylilies are all in bloom.
It was so hard to decide on the roof materials , I love cedar and metal roofs, but I didn't want to spend the earth on a roof that we would never really see, so we went with architectural asphalt shingles in driftwood color which from a distance have the appearance of shakes. Thankfully we have a friend who is a roofer and he climbed right up there with me and showed us how to do it right , I even got my husband up there and he hates heights, I on the other hand am getting quite comfortable on the roof.
I need to try and finish the sides and back of the bunkie with the cedar but the heat wave we have been having leaves me with little time that I can tolerate to install , then I will move on to staining the shakes the perfect grey.
the inside is quite a mad mess , lots of debris and tools and supplies , inside two crucial steps are adding beadboard to the walls and pine flooring .I took the day off from bouncing between my three current jobs to spend the whole day with my girls at the beach , this beach is 30 highway drive away from our house in a little port town , the beach was so wonderful it felt like we were actually away on vacation ... can you tell which child had more fun , 13 year olds are too cool... look how dry that poor grass is , we have had almost no rain at all .
I took these beach shots with my iPhone , not bad eh! charming right! I will be back to this beach again and again .
The sand is so fine and clean , they rake it every morning .
It was truly a beautiful day at the beach , we are hoping to camp right there at the beach front camp site , I'd say that's pretty rare a camp site right on the beach , gorgeous , and I'm not a camper but I would do it here , we would love to rent a camper for a week ... we could use a little get away were we could bring our dogs and spend time just the four of us , we don't do it nearly enough.

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