Monday, July 4, 2011

progress and play

I am so excited to show you the progress we have made on our backyard bunkie , with this past long weekend off we were able to tackle the roof , the weather proofing , installing the windows and hanging the door and adding trim and yesterday I ticked off the list painting the door the same blue as our front door on the house, I even found a very well priced locking door knob for the bunkie so it is secure , its leaky but secure.
This is a view from inside the kitchen , it is a really welcome focal point, I can't believe how it pretty much blocks out the house behind ours , not that we don't like our back neighbours , but it makes our yard feel much more private.
Its really coming along isn't it ?
Still to do - water proofing the roof
- shingles
- shakes , installed and painted
- trim edges for exterior
- closing in the soffits
- interior walls clad in beadboard
- interior trim
- interior flooring and staining
- porch for the bunkie ( may wait till next year)
- lots and lots of painting
- Todd wants to build a cupola ???
I did all of the roofing , I do not like heights and really the bunkie is 11 feet tall so its not huge but falling from that height would hurt I'm sure , but better me than Todd to climb up there on that roof . I used tongue and groove planks, v-groove 1" x 6" planks, that way all I have to do is paint the interior ceiling and it will look just how I want , charming . But this kind of wood takes a little finessing , so I would have to climb out there and "encourage" each piece to fit together , I made sure Todd got some pictures of this , because you won't find me on the top of any roof any time soon.
As you can see I've lost a little more weight , that's 50 lbs now , it feels so good and worth all the work it took to get here.

I have been meaning to sand down this family room coffee table , and when I did this past Friday these stripes started to appear , I love it , how fitting I think , I nice sanding and a coat of wax and buffing and it feels good as new!!!
Yep that's me again . I think you can see that nice look of the v-groove , won't it look great painted out white? now should it be solid of semi transparent?

All the while I have been balancing a few balls , like this kitchen update I have been doing for a lovely lady , installing beadboard right over some old ugly tile , I used No More Nails for this , doesn't the faux tin panel look great behind the stove , they painted the cabinets white , what a transformation !!!
We had a lot of nice family time this weekend , I hope you did too , Happy 4th of July to all my American friends , we did a lot of city marshmallow roasting , see we aren't supposed to have fire pits or open fire in these suburbs , but this works ...
Outdoor projects , BBQ's , roasted marshmallows and Miller time , I love summer don't you ?

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