Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cedar shakes

I have been waiting to show you all how the bunkie is coming along , it is slow going right now , with limited time and with the hot humid weather I have been taking my time ... I have been focusing on the front of the bunkie since that is our new view.It will look great with a little porch across the front , next year maybe we will get to that.
Isn't it looking so cute , I love it , just a few more pieces of cedar for me to finish in the peak , this is very fussy work , then I will stain it all a soft muted grey , then onto the roof and eaves.
Cedar shakes from what I have found locally come in two grades readily available , the one on the left is the king of cedars , it is fine and deep dark natural cedar colour , it is about 5 times the price of the cedar on the right , which I am using , I am staining my cedar so no need to over spend here . I find my New Brunswick cedar at Lowe's for $15.00 a bundle , I can not beat that and I have had great success with cladding exterior accents on the main house , we love the charm it adds.
I make sure to choose a bundle with nice wide pieces , take the time to be a little picky here , it is worth the effort , then I sorted the shakes for easier selection , I am just a novice at shingling so things aren't perfect but I am as always ok with imperfection.
The garden is filling in nicely , I am craving more new plants , it has become some what of a passion , from detesting gardening to loving it , it is a test in patience and effort.
I am hoping to find a great tree for this corner where the playhouse used to be , doesn't look like such an empty corner anymore does it ?

Loving all the beautiful hostas my friend has handed down to me , I'm just waiting on my brown eyed susan's to start blooming some time soon.
Hope your having a happy summer .

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