Monday, June 20, 2011

Someone's got a beef with our bunkie/ shed

Well we have been plugging away at the bunkie as much as our spare time will allow , there is not a lot of spare time in our lives right now sadly so it is slow going , but I do like to share the process.
I came home from the gym last Friday to find a notice from the city on my door , they had been made aware of construction being done at our address that "may" need a permit , first I was in a panic , but then I knew I had done my research and according to the city if my shed is under 100 sq feet I would not need a permit , I know we will be fine but the inspector is stopping by this morning to verify my measurements.
This means someone is hating our building , don't you want to know who it is , I hope I can find out today , just who it is , we have 6 backyards backing onto us that it could be I know awful eh! , but we think we know who it is , I just wish they had asked us about it instead of calling the city in ...
Oh well , we get to have out building and they will have to accept it , it will be nice to look at soon , I promise.
The toughest part has been figuring out the roof of course, but the joists are up , I did one whole by myself , it actually wasn't hard at all , thanks to the handy brackets I found at Lowe's.
I have decided to clad the front and back peaks and ceiling in v groove panelling so that I don't have to recald the interior with v-groove, it looks so nice , I am hoping this will save us some money and time. The walls will be clad over the framing with v-groove.
You can really get a sense of the space now , I am glad we didn't make it shorter , I wasn't sure if it would be too tall, but we like it , and it is well under the height restrictions , we may even add a cupola , although I think that sounds a little challenging , but I think it will look great.
Wish me luck with the building inspector , I will keep you posted. We Passed !!!!!

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