Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moving along nicely and bunny watching

I nearly died when I saw this house , it clearly jumped straight out of my mind and dreams and came to be ... have you seen this gorgeous home featured now on House of Turquoise

This house has a lot of features that we are going to use on the bunkie , the bold white trim ,the blue door, the grey shakes and port hole style window , which we found at a local re-use store , which mimics the front of our house. I hope they don't mind me sharing this pic of this beautiful home.

Moe is doing a little quality control , what are the odds we would find one of these at the re-use store , for $30.00 now how do I make rounded trim ??? any tips ?

Yesterday I framed out the peaks , this was long as we keep at it a little at a time this project will get done before the summer is over , the kids are so eager to get in there and have sleepovers , I can't blame them.

I never had a chance to show you this Nantucket beachy style bathroom makeover I did before winter , I love the charm trim work adds to any space.

I am so excited about our new addition , baby bunny , its a cotton tail bunny that has been hanging around for the last week , it's wild , and so darn sweet , it is tiny the size of a soft ball, sorry about the bad picture it is very skiddish , it nibbles our grass and hides in the garden and explores its world , I love bunny watching , it seems to be hiding under our bunkie quite a lot...which is fine by me , but I don't have a vegetable garden for it to destroy and if it wants to eat our grass and morning glories that are everywhere that is fine by me...I am really enjoying the bunny , we don't have much around here as far as wild life , so birds and bunnies are welcome at my house any day .

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