Friday, June 24, 2011

Bunkie decor ,braces and birthday's

I am eager to get the roof on and to get the bunkie closed up , but our jobs are getting in the way again ... we all know how that is ! regardless of our progress I decided to check Home sense for a lantern and bunkie worthy decor , I found some great clearance items that I just fell for . Mason and I found dozens of great lanterns ,lot's were colorful and then there was this perfect white washed rattan lantern, it spoke to me , it will hang from the ceiling , soon hopefully.
I also have decided that we will need a rug , either the dash and albert rug I have in the laundry room or this rug in the photo above, I want the bunkie all white, the only color will be from the accessories, like from quilts and rug and bedding , of course I will get bamboo blinds.
We are going to try and get lots done on the bunkie this weekend, in between the girls Birthday's , Sophie is turning 10 on Sunday and Mason is turning 13 on Monday .
Mason got her braces a couple of days ago , which was really big news here , she chose three colors of elastics pink, yellow and blue , they look so cute, poor girl is hurting and don't I remember those days well , I just adore the dentist doing Mason's braces I will be forever indebted to her .
I dug out this cute simple plywood art from a pile of clearance items, perfectly suited to our bunkie decor , it was only $10.00 I also got an alphabet one, love them they are perfect. And since the bunkie will not have electricity the lanterns are a must , most battery operated lanterns are UGLY but these were really cute , $29.00 which is also a good price, because you don't want to give your children open flames really ever.

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