Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Septmeber

Lets start with some very exciting news , my husbands new show is finally coming to TV near you , well in Canada so far , Sidekick has been a series my husband created when Sophie was just a wee baby she is now 9 and it has made its long journey to air , this Friday on YTV there will be a sneak peek at 4:20 , don't forget to watch and tell you kid's .
Here are some skate decks my husband designed signed by Sid and Marty Krofft, who remembers HR Puff n Stuff ? , I barely do , too young I suppose ...! these will be available in the etsy shop soon , I have to figure out how to put something on my blog about it!
Things are looking pretty full for September , school will be starting next Tuesday , YAY!!! although this has been a good summer with great weather it has also been a long summer , the kids need to get back to reality and school.

I have a full schedule of work coming ahead , "work" for me means a lot of different things , like my design business , which is going well right now , I have some good bookings, a entry/mudroom renovation, the beautiful trim above is my inspiration for that job , isn't it so nice? Few live consultations , which I love , a custom bench to build , which I am totally looking forward to getting started . Then there is my cake and cupcake making gig I have a few great bookings for that , which I am looking forward to , as well I am hoping to get the job of doing the school treat day cupcakes , that would be wonderful for me.

And now I add owls , I have decided to open an Etsy shop , first to sell my husbands toys , toys he had custom made for 3 years in China ,toys he was making to go along with a show he created about monsters. I have named our shop "Kauf Incorporated" , I wanted to only keep one shop and I wanted to offer his items and possibly mine too , so I have listed a couple of Owls I am making , and his cool toys and temporary tattoos , there will also be some of his original art HR Puff n Stuff ,even some skate decks with my husbands original art , cool stuff . Here is my newest owl , this is my large owl , about 10 inches tall . $12.00

and my sleepy baby owl 7 inches tall. $10.00

More stuff to come soon , when time permits of course .... then there is October which is booking up already as well , my little Sophie is booked for her tonsillectomy Oct 14th that should be fun...

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