Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring has sprung.

My favourite season is spring , has always has been the smells trees all in blossom.The promise of winter past and summer to come, I am enjoying planning for all the changes that I hope to complete in our short warm season.

Sophie is always happy to help me water the garden,and a few days ago I brought out my screen door so simple , I love the slam sound a real wood screen door makes,charming, the no dumping cast iron dog was a christmas gift from a friend and neighbour who knows how upset I get that people let their dogs pee on my boxwoods nearly killing them , so much so that I put up a sign asking people to save them from harm...I took a picture of my newest addition my pyramidial boxwood in my steel planter which I now wish I had bought two of, planters that is , I will have to plant it later but for now it looks sublime in that planter, please excuse the rest of the clutter , I was still working on it all, I am always working on it all, new pavers , more rock garden , new mail basket , new door handle ,new street number sign, the list goes on.
Happy Spring.

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