Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hot summer days...

Well ok its not summer but if sure fells like it 27 degrees beautiful, that's Dolce enjoying the sun from the back door , he is actually sleeping,he is pure sweet.
Sorry for the repeat picture but I needed to show my new window box with a before and after, yesterday I bought a 3 foot box, stained it planted it , then on my return for additional soil i noticed the shop had a 4 foot box, so I needed to get the larger size, I have always wanted a window box for that location, but the prebuilt ones I have always disliked , of course I was planning to build one myself , but never got around to it, I am glad I waited and my mistake of buying a small one is working out for me, now I will have one window box to look over out of my kitchen window, things are really coming together this time around. Now who is going to dig up that awful grass...?
Yes my car matches my house think that's an accident:)

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