Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Floor day 10 , long days

I think that the floor is complete , the finish is sublime, feels good to touch, looks better than I had hoped for it was well worth the leap of faith, first I have never installed a floor never taken on a project that would look so bad if done badly, so it was good, the hole thing was inder $200.00 including brad nailer, if I had done it in a prefinshed wood of a comparable finish as in casual semi distressed look it would have been around$359.00 more plus installation or tool rentals, a difference of at least $310.00 now that was worth it,now I must still finish the trim this long weekend, I will take some completed photos after it is all done, the kids are already using that area as a dance zone, socks or bare feet only.
There's my kid Mason enjoying some peace out on a gloomy day , we just picked up that swing yesterday and had a whole 20 minutes to enjoy it before the skies opened up it furry , but I look forward to many hours probably more like minutes to come as soon as the sun returns.I love hammocks!

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